The Wolf Among Us Season Finale Approaches Soon


A recent teaser image tweeted by the Telltale Games Twitter account has stated that the season finale for The Wolf Among Us is coming soon. It’s a tease repeated often by Telltale, usually indicating the episode will be released within a week or two, and has historically launched first on a Tuesday for PC and PS3.

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It raises several questions about the current development slate going on at the Indie studio known for creating story-rich graphic adventure games. First off, seeing how Episode 3 of The Walking Dead Season 2 was released 2 weeks before Episode 4 of The Wolf Among Us, has The Walking Dead Season 2 production been delayed? Usually the games trade off between episodic releases, although there was an almost 4 month delay between The Wolf Among Us Episode 1 and Episode 2.

Second, does a “season finale” tease indicate that there will be more episodic adventures coming out of the Fables comic universe? The reason why The Wolf Among Us works, and is considered canon, is because it is a prequel to the comic book series, therefore does not conflict with any already-established storylines between main characters like Bigby, Snow White, Beauty, Beast and countless others.

With Telltale Games working on Tales From The Borderlands and Game of Thrones expected to release at least one episode each starting in 2014, is the expectation that one independent studio is capable of keeping 4 active graphic-adventure, episodic IP’s going at the same time? Hats off to them if they can pull it off. We’ll have the release dates for the final episode of The Wolf Among Us when that information becomes available.


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