Steam Reaches 8 Million Concurrent Users Milestone


Who says PC gaming is dead? At the height of the Steam Summer Sale yesterday, June 29th, Steam reached a new peak in concurrent users at over 8 million logged online at the exact same time. Precisely 8,020,323 people, to be exact, helped to reach the 8 million+ mark at 12:03 PM yesterday afternoon, surpassing the 7.6 million mark 6 months ago.

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While this year’s Steam Summer Sale did help Valve make service history, it may come at the peak effectiveness for these sales. Not only were there a lot of repeat sales from Steam Holiday Sale at an equal or lesser value, but some of the games making appearances as daily deals didn’t do their part in making the event feel special. 15% off Day Z, an alpha build of an unfinished game that charges $30 regularly? 25% off Watch Dogs? 20% off a “Collector’s Edition” for an unfinished game that has planned DLC and originally costs $69.99?

Plus, the invention of the “Summer Adventure” pitted the common userbase against itself at the profit of Steam, as buying trading cards required to complete badges to give your team points enough for 30 people (out of tens, if not hundreds of thousands) to win free games. Even when the community agreed to work as a team and give each team the opportunity to win twice, Valve had to step in and incentivize competitiveness within co-operative users so that they could reap in the profits off of their badge craftwork.

Regardless, 8 million users within one PC service at one time is no small feat to accomplish, so props go out to Valve for continuing to sustain the presence of gaming within the realm of the PC.

h/t GameSpot


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