Destiny Beta Launch On Xbox One/360 In Late July


According to a new trailer for Destiny, the Xbox One and Xbox 360 beta will begin in late July.  The trailer is the newest one available on the Xbox One/360 dashboard and at the end you can see where it says “Coming in Late July”.  Makes perfect sense considering the PS4 is getting the beta on July 17th and Bungie recently announced that they would conduct a beta with the Xbox, but at a later date.  While we still don’t have the official date, one can speculate that sometime around the weekend of July 24th/25th, the Destiny beta will be available for Xbox.  Lest you be reminded, that only those people who pre-ordered the game will have access to the beta.

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After the recent success and relatively rave reviews of the Destiny alpha, one can assume that the upcoming beta will garner similar accolades.  Aside from getting an extra week or so of beta, the Sony versions are going to get some more game features but Microsoft fans never fear, according to IGN the Xbox versions will get the added content sometime in the fall of 2015.

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