World of Warcraft Player Reaches Level 90 Without A Faction


For most, getting to level 90 is just the grind it takes before you can get access to the truly excellent dungeons and raids within World of Warcraft. For one Pandaren Shaman, it was a journey. A World of Warcraft player, with a character named Doubleagent, did what was thought to be impossible by reaching level 90 as a Neutral character.

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That’s right, Doubleagent rolled a Pandaren, a race who start off on the Wandering Isle and do several initial quests until they choose a faction. Problem is, Doubleagent didn’t want to betray his Neutral people of Pandaria and side with a cause that truly wasn’t theirs to get involved with. So, with that in mind, Doubleagent leveled himself up via mining and herbalism until reaching that fateful number this past Saturday. It was a process that took 173.5 days of World of Warcraft play between September 2012 and the present to achieve.

It may seem like an incredible waste of time and a pointless venture to some, but I am quite a fan of people playing video games in a fashion that the developers did not intend. It’s part of the reason why there is a following in the speedrunning community, especially when they raise money for charity. Being Neutral in World of Warcraft for so long requires patience, guile and dedication to achieve, and is something one should be congratulated for achieving. Hopefully, it will still become possible for Doubleagent to achieve level 100 when the next expansion comes out later this year.

Either way, congrats to Doubleagent for reaching level 90. Here’s to 10 more great levels in the future. For the Neutral!

h/t The Escapist


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