Star Wars Gaming Licence Gives DICE ‘Creative Freedom’


In this new-fangled, post-EU-canon-jettisoning Star Wars world, anything can happen and nothing is safe. For DICE, however, it looks like they will at least have access to change aspects of the canon to suit their upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront title. According to CVG, the general manager of DICE, Karl Magnus Troedsson, has nothing but good things to say between the gaming team of developers and those working with them at LucasFilm to help collaborate on the project.

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"I won’t go into specifics, but what I can say is that it’s been extremely positive. We don’t feel limited in any way. We feel completely enabled within this framework. I can’t go into all the details about how that collaboration works, but what I can see is that it’s been an overwhelmingly positive experience."

The fact that the head at DICE doesn’t seem to be limited in their ability to work on a new title within the Star Wars universe is a good sign. Considering the fact that there won’t be any new gaming titles that are movie tie-ins with Episodes VII, VIII and IX from EA, the idea that they don’t have to involve many canonical restrictions means that DICE can be free to adapt to fit the game, not an ulterior motive.

As much as the Star Wars movies have been the focal point in which the video games have surrounded themselves upon, with the Star Wars canon almost completely scrapped game creators can go anywhere they want, essentially. No longer does DICE have to worry about what Kyle Katarn was doing before and after Episode 4, nor about what Dash Rendar had done with Luke Skywalker and the Rebellion post-Episode VI. The slate is wiped clean; it will be interesting to see how DICE handles their finished product when Star Wars: Battlefront is released next year.


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