EA Sports UFC Is 900p, 30 FPS On PS4, Xbox One


Well, that is certainly interesting. According to a Digital Foundry breakdown, the final product of EA Sports UFC is a resolution output of 1600×900 pixels for both the Xbox One and PS4. Even with three main character models actively participating and moving around in the ring, EA Sports were not capable of bringing either a full HD experience, nor 60 FPS on any next-gen console.

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When it comes down to it, the PS4 version of EA Sports UFC does utilize 4x MSAA, compared to 2x MSAA on the Xbox One. Additionally, the PS4 does render shadow effects better ever so slightly, and with a more precise motion blur. However, the Xbox One version stays at a solid 30 PFS, while the PS4 version can dip to 29 FPS and have torn frames visible within the top 10% of the screen (usually the blackness of the unlit audience). Digital Foundry’s recommendation is just slightly towards the PS4 version, but have no hesitation in recommending the Xbox One version if your friends are on Xbox Live.

Look, I understand that the developers pushed for higher visual fidelity of their fighters. Chuck Liddell looks like Chuck Liddell, Jon “Bones” Jones looks like Jon “Bones” Jones would in real life. But hearing that the PS4 version barely outperforms the Xbox One version at the same resolution, at first glance, seems to make little sense. Perhaps the developers of EA Sports UFC are more familiar with Xbox architectures/API? The power difference between the consoles isn’t negligible, and the game was not developed with the extra 10% GPU power a Kinect-free Xbox One provides.

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