First WildStar Content Update Due Week Of June 30


That was fast! Carbine Studios has always maintained that it would be releasing monthly content updates for its sci-fi MMO WildStar, and apparently it wasn’t joking. Though the game just launched earlier this month, its developer has already announced plans for its first batch of new goodness. Entitled “The Strain” (and probably not having anything to do with this), the update is said to contain “more loot, more content and more awesomeness than you will be able to digest!” To paraphrase the great Han Solo though, I don’t know, I can digest an awful lot.

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Maybe I’ll get it. The Strain will serve up a new zone called Blighthaven that features Cankertube swamp and the scary-sounding danger of the Globellum, new content for solo players and groups,  and new gear, housing items, costumes and mounts. We’ll also see some visible signs that Nexus as we’ve known it is starting to evolve with the game’s story, as the Northern Wilds are now the Northern Wastes following something crashing there.

The first solid information will be released next week, but you don’t even need to wait that long thanks to a brand new WildStar Flick that you can see below. An exact date for the coming of The Strain will be announced soon, but I think we can all agree that it’s impressive that we’re even talking about an update so soon after launch.