Xbox One Day 1 Edition In Japan Contains 2 Free Games


It looks like the Xbox One in Japan will get a fairly substantial Day One Edition to those interested in picking up Microsoft’s newest console. Xbox Japan has revealed their launch Xbox One SKUs for the Xbox One when it releases in the country later this year.

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The Xbox One Day One edition in Japan not only comes with the Kinect bundled in, but comes with a digital code for 2 games; Titanfall and Kinect Sports Rivals. It will cost Japanese gamers 49,980 ¥ to purchase the Day One Edition or the regular Xbox One + Kinect bundle, while the Kinect-free SKU will cost 39,980 ¥. That lower price is similar to the PS4’s price in Japan.

It seems as though Microsoft are not completely half-assing it when it comes to their Xbox Japan release of the Xbox One. Throwing in two free games for Day 1 users is a substantial get, even if they are a FPS game and a Kinect game. It’s highly unlikely that the Xbox One will do any better than the PS4 or the Wii U within the island country, but you can’t knock Microsoft for trying.

The Xbox One is currently slated for a September 4 release.

h/t NeoGAF


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