Capcom Halts Stock Takeover Defense, Open To Buyout


The six year defense that Capcom has undergone to prevent a corporate takeover has now ended, after Capcom announces that they will not approve of their defense renewal for a 7th year.

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Should another company purchase the majority of the Capcom stock, said company would overtake the majority rights to the Japanese game publisher and development company. They would also oversee the many type of AAA, mobile, online and free-to-play IP and similar properties.

While the hope, from Capcom’s perspective, is to hold onto their IP’s and maintain rights to their properties, the golden age of prosperity for the company has shifted over the years. What were once bold, creative gaming entities, like Resident Evil, Mega Man, Devil May Cry and Dino Crisis have all either perished or are becoming more creatively bankrupt by the year. While the Street Fighter still maintains its spot as the top of its genre, many of the dubious microtransactions and mobilization of other AAA series may have caught up with the gaming giant in the eyes of the consumer’s wallet.

Whatever happens for Capcom going forward, the hope is that it is for the betterment of the Capcom name and its titles. (Also, maybe release a new Mega Man game sometime this decade? Just one, even?)

h/t Polygon


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