Sunset Overdrive To Run At 900p Resolution, 30 FPS


Perhaps the 10% increase in GPU power with the Kinect removed wasn’t enough for Sunset Overdrive to hit full HD. GamingBolt has learned through an interview this week at E3 2014 that Sunset Overdrive will run at a 900p resolution, with a 30 frames per second output.

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One of the more intriguing exclusives shown off at this year’s gaming conference (especially as it seems to be actually coming out this year), Insomniac Games brand development director Ryan Schneider said of the visual specifications, “If you play the game and see the experience, we are pretty comfortable where we are in terms of frame rate and resolution wise. We rather just focus on optimizing what you can see on the screen and that we think will create a better experience overall.”

We’ve gone far enough into the life cycles of these consoles to know that the PS4 is simply a more powerful console than the Xbox One, so it becomes odd, logically, to see PR and marketing reps for developers have to jump through hoops to not offend either their fan base or Microsoft, themselves by stating the limits of their visual capabilities. We will begin to see 1080p and 60 FPS games in the Xbox One’s future (if the people behind Halo 5: Guardians are to be believed), and exclusive games can’t be played anywhere else; it can truly be about the gameplay experience when Sunset Overdrive doesn’t release on another platform.

Besides, Sunset Overdrive looks to be one of the better games, exclusive or otherwise, that will be released this year. If anything will prove it to be a letdown sales-wise, it will be because it’s part of the cluster-jumble that is October’s AAA gaming schedule.

Sunset Overdrive will be released exclusively on the Xbox One on October 28th.


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