Should Destiny Add Split-Screen?


There is an interesting forum that a friend of mine stumbled upon yesterday.  He was downloading the Destiny alpha and was killing time by browsing through the Bungie forums reading about the game.  He came across one particular forum that was asking a really great question, “Should Destiny add split-screen?

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As I was perusing the forum, there were many mixed opinions, but the overwhelming majority of contributors seemed to think that whether they were interested in playing split-screen, they were in favor of at least having the option.  I couldn’t agree more.  Some of my fondest memories of Halo are playing split-screen multiplayer with my friends.  Bungie never left that out of those games and it was always a welcome option.

I enjoy playing games with other people, perhaps as much, if at times not more so than by myself.  It is great to play a multiplayer game at a friend’s house without having to lug another console, or worse, console and TV over.  Why not have the option to split-screen?  If there is  something technical that is preventing Destiny from having split-screen then that is a separate issue.   The Bungie community manager told Gamespot that “we love split-screen, but ultimately you can’t build a game to suit every single player.”  However, he went on to say that “Bungie is always listening to feedback” so the opportunity is there for it to be added later.

At last glance the poll on the forum was 2,272 for adding split screen and 413 for not.  Leave a comment and let us know what you think about adding split-screen to Destiny?  Perhaps an even bigger question is whether more games should have split-screen and if they did, would you be more or less likely to play it?

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