E3 2014: Code Name STEAM Announced For Nintendo 3DS


Just as Day 2 was wrapping up on the Nintendo Treehouse, Miyamoto was on hand during a special E3 2014 presentation to announce his newest game for the Nintendo 3DS. Code Name STEAM has been announced, coming exclusively to the Nintendo handheld platform in 2015.

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So far, we know Code Name STEAM will be developed by Intelligent Systems, set in a steampunk (and steam-generated) London with cel-shaded, comic book-like characters. Hitoshi Yamagami is the game’s main developer, creating a turn-based strategy game that also incorporates elements from the action and third-person shooter game genres.

Story-wise, Code Name STEAM is a collective created by Abraham Lincoln with the sole purpose of defending Earth from alien invaders. You lead as protagonist Fleming, playing through a seemingly-stylized version of a Valkyria Chronicles-type game. Steam will act as your fuel, giving you a set amount of action points per turn that you can use to your own strategic devices.

Each map will have its own objective, and nine characters total have been announced for Code Name STEAM. These characters have also been modeled with the Silver Age of the comic book era in mind (1956-1970), noted by art director Takako Sakai.

To see Nintendo create a strategy game from the people who brought you Fire Emblem and Advanced Wars solidifies their continued excellence when it comes to hype game reveals at E3 2014. Bringing the Digital Event on Day 1, and now more game reveals in Code Name STEAM on Day 2, shows that they know patience a great deal more than their console competitors in Microsoft and Sony.

Code Name STEAM is currently being developed for the Nintendo 3DS, with a release window of 2015. We’ll be here all week covering the news and gameplay demos surrounding E3 2014, so keep it here at GameSided.com to stay informed!

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