E3 2014: Design Your Own Mario Bros with Mario Maker


Ever wanted to make your own levels and designs in Super Mario Bros? Nintendo is now giving you that power. Introducing Mario Maker for Wii U. A game that allows you to design your own Mario stages right on your Gamepad. The game allows for you to design your own 3D or flat 2D levels. Snapping between them as you choose.

Similar to other games, the tools are outlined on the gamepad and allow for you to pick up a variety of Mario items and enemies to place throughout your level. No announcements were made about sharing with others to play through the levels, but we’ll have more information as it becomes available here on Gamesided.

Check out the trailer for Mario Maker below:

Mario Maker launches for Wii U in 2015.

We’ll be here all day covering the news and gameplay demos surrounding E3 2014, so keep it here at GameSided.com to stay informed!

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