Project Morpheus Co-op Gameplay Debuts on The Tonight Show


If you wanted to see more of Sony’s Project Morpheus (which I expected to show up during E3 2014), then look no further than to Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show. Last night, Sony debuted co-op Project Morpheus co-op gameplay with the help of The Verge’s Joshua Topolsky and 22 Jump Street star Channing Tatum, showing off just exactly how promising Sony’s virtual reality headset can be in its early stages.

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After first demonstrating an awesome camera that takes 3D images that can alter the lens’ focus in post, Jimmy and Channing strapped on their Project Morpheus headsets and entered into a virtual target range. Where Channing Tatum opted to go with the crossbow to shoot at targets, our silly late night host opted to repeated punch a nearby target dummy in the face while further showcasing some sort of karate chop. Finally, a gigantic dragon swooped down in front of our two celebrity participants, seemingly consuming them whole before the demo ended. Overall, both Fallon and Tatum looked fairly impressed.

While some (including myself, at first glance) will view the demo’s dragon as a crude visual representation of what the PS4’s graphics can ultimately do, you have to realise (as I ultimately did) that Project Morpheus is but at least one and a half years away from release, if not more. A solid base of developers need to get onboard with the device before Sony can safely sell these headsets on the market, which will take some time and convincing.

But, for now, you can check out the video at the top of the page and see for yourself. Hopefully there are more demonstrations coming up during Sony’s E3 2014.


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