Shovel Knight Digs In On June 26 Release Date


The side-scrolling, ditch-digging, blue-armor-wearing Shovel Knight will finally dig into Wii U’s and 3DS’ in the US, Canada and Mexico this June 26th, Yacht Club Games has announced in a Kickstarter update. That very same day, the game will also be released on PC to a worldwide audience.

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Thankfully, the launch delay we had experienced for Shovel Knight is finally over, with a few weeks turning into a few months. Regardless, the update is not without cool new information, including the game’s box art on full display. Additionally, those who pledged $15 or more can now access the game’s digital instruction manual, crafted in the likeness of an old NES game’s instruction manual.

The Shovel Knight crew will also be heading to E3 2014 with Nintendo 3DS’ in hand, willing to show off their game directly to willing participants. If you find yourself on the show floor, maybe you should check it out. Being an ode to classic NES games and all the wonderful platforming difficulty that they provide, it certainly would be different than the hustle and bustle of AAA titles and their long lines to play.

Shovel Knight is heading to PC’s worldwide and North American Wii U’s and 3DS units later this month on June 26.

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