Dark Souls II ‘Lost Crowns’ DLC Trilogy, Season Pass Announced


Well this is certainly a surprise! Bandai Namco has announced a DLC trilogy for Dark Souls II, called “The Lost Crowns.” The first episode’s trailer, “Crown of the Sunken King,” has been released, and can be seen above. Episode 2 will be titled, “Crown of the Old Iron King,” and Episode 3 will be titled, “Crown of the Ivory King.”

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UPDATE: Confirming with the official Dark Souls II Facebook page, the first DLC pack for Dark Souls II will drop around July 22nd for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. Episode 2 launches on August 26th, plus the third and final episode will be released on September 24.You can pre-order the DLC right now in one collective Season Pass on Steam for $24.99, meaning that each episode will likely be released for $9.99 each.

As someone who has purposefully avoided all things Dark Souls II until last week when I got a discounted Collector’s Edition, in my few hours spent with the game it is quite remarkable in its dedication to the Souls series. To have not one, but 3 DLC packs coming in the future for the title shows that From Software knew they had a success on their hands from Day 1, unlike their release of the original Dark Souls.

Dark Souls II is already available on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. “The Lost Crowns” DLC looks to be released over the summer, starting with “Crown of the Sunken King” on July 22nd. You can expect my “Afterthoughts” review of Dark Souls II sometime after the hysteria that is E3 2014.


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