Metal Gear Fan Remaster Given Konami Thumbs Up To Proceed


A group of independent modders have been given the O.K. by Konami executives to proceed with a revival of the 1987 classic Metal Gear. The modding group, appropriately named “Outer Heaven,” decided to approach the publishing company before going ahead with significant development in order to avoid any lawsuits that would come their way. One condition for approval is that Outer Heaven cannot profit from releasing the game, meaning it will be released for free when completed.

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The team has the creative aspects seemingly down, but are looking for anyone with knowledge of gaming design and C++ to help join them in order to get the Metal Gear passion project completed. You can email them at if you are or someone you know would be willing to help join the team.

It seems like an odd approach for the modding team to go directly to Konami themselves in order to get it done. Seeing as it will be a free release, in the moders’ shoes (and this is not to advocate anything), it makes the most logical sense to create the thing, keep quiet while finding development staff for the project, release it in the wild when completed and disappear completely.

The odds that a major publisher would approve of a remaster or remake of Metal Gear by a third party group would seem disastrously low, especially considering great projects like Chrono ResurrectionMetroid: Sr388Sonic Fan Remix and countless others have been axed via publisher cease & desist letters in the past. To go to Konami directly means playing your hand in the very early stages, while handing the copyright owners all the power to call or fold.

Either way, a Metal Gear remaster is in the works! Since the team is still looking for developers, it won’t likely see release for quite some time. We’ll keep tabs on the project here at GameSided.


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