Just over a month after Sony's newest console was reported to have sold Just over a month after Sony's newest console was reported to have sold

The PS4 Has Sold Through More Than 7 Million Units Worldwide


Just over a month after Sony’s newest console was reported to have sold over 6 million units worldwide, the PS4 has done it again. Via the PlayStation Blog, the PS4 has now sold through over 7 million units worldwide, as of April 6. That roughly translates to a million consoles sold within its past 30 days of financial reports. Furthermore, the PS4 has sold 20.5 million software titles via retailers and the PlayStation Store as of April 13th.

With the release of Titanfall on the Xbox One, packaged together at a reduced price bundle, it seemed as if March would be Microsoft’s month to shine. Not to say that it hasn’t, but for the PS4 to stay this strong off the lesser-publicized but still fairly well-reviewed Infamous: Second Son is a strong testament to the interest made by consumers worldwide. The added benefit of being released in plenty more markets than the Xbox One should also be noted, although that might not be the case for long.

We will provide more sales information when it comes to software tomorrow, after the March 2014 NPD report becomes available to the public tomorrow evening.


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