The PS4 Has Sold 6 Million Units Worldwide


Despite recent economic woes at Sony, certain aspects of the PlayStation department are going strong. After roughly 14 weeks on the market, Sony’s PS4 has sold over 6 million units to consumers worldwide. This is according to GameSpark, with confirmation made in English by a Sony PR representative from Finland.

That is quite a phenomenal feat to accomplish in less than 4 total months, especially right after the holidays and with supply so low around the world. A big surge definitely came from the recent launch of the PS4 in Japan, which saw more than 320,000 units sold within its first two days in the region.

Now that we are in March, things will get a bit heated for Sony. The Xbox One can begin to make up ground in the total units sold department if the buzz around Titanfall keeps at its rate. Combine that with the newly-announced Titanfall Xbox One bundle that offers a digital copy of the game for free, and you might see the Xbox One overtake the PS4 in sales sometime in the future. For now, we wait and see what’s next.

(h/t NeoGAF)


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