Report: Xbox One May Delay International Launches Until Q3 2014


While things are pretty good for the Xbox One in North America, it may be in international territories that Microsoft falters in. Trusted sources to Gamereactor suggest the Xbox One may not be released in the Nordic territories until the third quarter of 2014.

These sources are apparently the same sources that helped break the news that the Xbox One worldwide launch would be reduced from 21 to 13 countries. Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland are the Nordic areas of the 8 countries with delayed Xbox One releases, and today’s report suggest that it may be a delay of 9-10 months before the console launches in their countries compared to their European counterparts.

Their sources are unclear about the progress for Russia, Belgium, Holland and Switzerland launches, what it speaks to the launch of the Xbox One in Japan or just why such a delay would occur. I tend to agree that the two biggest possible reasons would be a supply issue or a localization issue with the Xbox One’s Kinect voice control.

If this rumor turns out to be true, it would be a huge blow for Microsoft. The company’s Xbox gaming devices have always been primarily in the minds and hearts of North American gamers, but as time progresses sales are being counted upon to be driven by a large international market share, especially in European countries. A July-2014-at-the-earliest Nordic launch wouldn’t necessarily bury the Xbox One against the PS4, but it wouldn’t do Microsoft any favors, either.

(h/t V_Ben)


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