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The Last Of Us Remastered Appears On SEN Front Page


UPDATE: Sony has confirmed a summer release for The Last of US Remastered on the PS4, through the PlayStation Blog. At $59.99 MSRP, it includes DLC “Left Behind,” “Abandoned Territories” and “Reclaimed Territories” packs, along with a bunch of multiplayer bonuses if you pre-order the game.

ORIGINAL: In what may be the worst kept secret in the games industry, The Last Of Us Remastered has appeared on the Sony Entertainment Network’s front page. Clicking on the banner doesn’t link to a specific page and allow you to pre-order just yet, but for the game to be on one of Sony’s official websites indicates that one of the best games of 2013 will be coming to the PS4. If the link brings you to a front page that doesn’t show the banner, it means that the reveal was unintentional.

Sony or Naughty Dog haven’t made official announcements, either, which means that history is repeating itself. We knew that The Last of Us would receive story DLC, but it was the Sony Entertainment Network that provided an actual link to DLC “Left Behind,” even before Naughty Dog had the chance to reveal the February 14 release date to the public. Either someone is being rather mischievous at Sony and putting up this information early consistently or the SEN store isn’t running as tight of a ship as one might hope.

We will keep an ear to the ground and bring you more The Last of Us Remastered information as it becomes publicly available.


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