The Last Of Us DLC ‘Left Behind’ Coming February 14?


UPDATE: Naughty Dog has confirmed that The Last of US DLC, ‘Left Behind,’ will be coming out on February 14th.

ORIGINAL: This is unconfirmed as of now, but it appears as though upcoming The Last of Us story DLC, ‘Left Behind,’ will be released on February 14th. The above image was spotted by NeoGAF user LittleToaster, who noted that the date was also listed on Sony’s online store. It has since been changed back to March 31st.

Because there has been no official announcement from Naughty Dog or Sony themselves, we cannot confirm this will be the final date. Especially seeing how the date was changed back to March 31st, a placeholder date for the final day of the fiscal 2013 calendar. It may have been an overzealous employee or an honest mistake.

The timing would be a little bit odd, seeing as it would be Valentine’s Day. Perhaps Sony wants to provide gamers with aren’t so lucky in finding a date this special day an alternative option? “Spend Valentine’s Day with Ellie” sounds too weird of a prospect.

Either way, we will be looking more into this story for confirmation. Here’s an official preview into the ‘Left Behind’ story, from IGN.


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