Phil Spencer Named Head Of Xbox Division At Microsoft


In a move that looks promising for Microsoft, the company has named Phil Spencer the Head of Xbox. In the Xbox Wire post, he reveals that he is taking over as the man in charge of Xbox, Xbox Live, Xbox Music, Xbox Video and Microsoft Studios’ creative teams.

A step up from Worldwide Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Studios, he will look to help steer the Xbox ship back on course. Despite a great deal of success with the Xbox One in its early days, no doubt the console could have done better were it not for previous leadership’s initial intent on imposing 24 hour online check-ins, banning the sale of used games outside specific Microsoft-approved retailers and the original mandatory connection to the Kinect device. Among current generation consoles, the Xbox One is likely still in 3rd place, behind the Nintendo Wii U and the Sony PlayStation 4.

Now, Phil Spencer’s biggest task is to make sure Microsoft and Xbox have a great showing at this year’s E3. There are great opportunities to generate hype and interest for the Xbox One at this year’s biggest gaming conference, and with saplings of insight being revealed slowly, but surely, the Xbox One could see an eventual spot as market leader by the end of the generation’s life cycle.


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