Xbox One To Receive Exclusive Japanese Title


While the Xbox brand hasn’t done so well in terms of sales in Japan, that doesn’t mean that the development coordination team at Microsoft can’t work their magic to bring quality titles developed by Japanese companies over to their consoles.  The Head of Microsoft Studios, Phil Spencer, has made that clear in an interview with Famitsu (translated by DualShockers), stating that the Xbox One will be receiving at least one game of significance within the console’s Japanese launch window.

"I’m very excited about the announcement of the release window in Japan. An [sic] unique exclusive title for Xbox One is going to be released by an awesome Japanese studio."

Judging by the manner of the reveal, the game will be revealed during the Tokyo Game Show, coming this September. Seeing that the Xbox One will launch in Japan during September, along with 25 other countries, it appears as though the “release window” Spencer noted for this game will see a release later rather than sooner.

Still, it will be intriguing to see just exactly what company or type of game Microsoft are working to publish. There are rumors that suggest that it will be a Platinum Games title, however they are still working on getting Bayonetta 2 out for the Wii U. The way that Microsoft has been publishing games like Killer Instinct, Titanfall and Quantum Break out of the blue, whatever the game ends up being should come as quite a shock to somebody.


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