Uncharted 4 Game Director Leaves Naughty Dog


Continuing the trend of what is turning out to be a terrible month for Sony’s creative and game developmental leadership across their studios worldwide, Justin Richmond has confirmed to IGN that he has left his job, as game director for Uncharted 4, at Naughty Dog. This comes weeks following the departure of Uncharted series writer and creative director Amy Hennig from the very same company.

It is clear that Sony is undergoing extensive restructuring of their 1st party game development studios. Whether it is at Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica, Evolution Studios or even as the head of SCEA, it is clear that the foundations of Sony proper are not as stable as one might think. While it doesn’t speak to the inability for the PlayStation brand to become successful (over 6 million PS4 units sold worldwide in its first ~10 weeks is no small feat), industry leaders all over Sony leaving at roughly the same time period must be a hard pill to swallow.


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