Nintendo Offering Refurbished Wii U For $200


Nintendo is selling refurbished Wii U consoles for $200. Perhaps as an attempt to help bolster sales of the its home console, the company’s US store is knocking $50 off of the deluxe edition. While this model of the console usually retails for $300 when purchased new, Nintendo has previously offered the refurbished edition for $250.

It’s no secret that Nintendo’s first foray into the high definition video game market has been met with indifference. Even with a year’s head start, it has been reported that Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One, which both launched last November, have already overtaken the flagging console’s sales in at least one territory.

The lack of consumer interest has affected the platform’s third-party support, which inevitably makes it even less appealing to buyers. However, if you are looking to sample Nintendo’s first-party software, which still remains some of the best in the industry, then this temporary sale is, quite frankly, a steal.

The deal comes with the black 32GB model, the tablet-like GamePad, a physical copy of Nintendo Land, and other basic accessories, like an AC adapter, HDMI cable, sensor bar (for playing Wii games because the console is fully backwards compatible), and a one-year warranty. It does not, however, include any Wii Remote Plus controllers, which are necessary to play some of the multiplayer games included in Nintendo Land.