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4 Percent Of GDC Developers Polled Plan To Launch Next Game On Wii U


In an annual poll of over 2,600 North American game developers who attended last year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC), only 4% had planned on developing their next game for the Wii U. That is in stark contrast to the 20% who intended to release their next game on the PlayStation 4, as well as the 17% with an intended Xbox One release for their next game. All consoles paled in comparison to the PC and mobile market, with 53% of polled developers were then working on games for the PC or Mac and the 52% who were developing for mobile phones and tablets.

That doesn’t mean that Indie developers have abandoned the Wii U entirely. During the most recent Nintendo Direct, conference organizers arranged for a solid block discussing upcoming Wii U Indie titles like 1001 Spikes and Shovel Knight, as well as Indie games for the Nintendo 3DS.

This survey does, however, inform as to where a good chunk of the Indie market is headed towards. It’s great to see more independent developers having the access to the home console market that they may not have had just a decade ago. Even if only 4% of those upcoming Indie games were planned on coming to the Wii U, it is great to see the Indie market have a much wider spread as they inch closer and closer to widespread acceptance within the video game industry and its fans.


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