Elder Scrolls Online Devs Post New Group Play Video


Even if you like playing MMOs solo, the developers of “Elder Scrolls Online” would like to give you some reasons to play with others.

They don’t want to force grouping, mind you, but they’re hoping to do it naturally with some of the content they’re including that simply can’t be tackled alone. A new PvE group content video they posted yesterday shows exactly what they have up their sleeves, including a Dark Anchor encounter.

Summoned by a ritual performed by multiple bad guys (and leading to some unfortunate consequences for some of them), the Dark Anchor comes through a portal not unlike the ones in “Rift” and literally attaches itself to Tamriel. Taking one out requires coordination between multiple players to destroy the waves of enemies it spawns, destroy several pinions holding it in place, and defeat a final boss to close the portal.

The video also shows the devs switching between third and first-person views, showcasing a number of different abilities and explaining some character builds that have already proven popular in beta. The fast travel/teleport system is highlighted briefly as well.

You can check out the entire eight-minute video right here, and don’t worry: even though “ESO” was just rated ‘M‘ by the ERSB, there’s nothing too objectionable within except a whole lot of group combat.


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