Mobile Launch Roundup: Sensei Wars, Dark District, Big Win Racing, Arena Of Heroes

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Sometimes there’s just too much stuff hitting the App Store and Google Play to make sense of it all. This is a particularly packed week, with “The Room 2” getting a lot of the (probably deserved) spotlight.

To make sure nothing you might want to play on your mobile device sneaks by you, we’ve got a mobile roundup with descriptions, screenshots, trailers and more. Without further ado, let’s get to the games in the order in which GameSided was alerted to them:

Sensei Wars

From 2K Games and its studio Cat Daddy Games, “Sensei Wars” is a strategy game with a distinctive Asian art style that is out now on iOS, Android and Amazon Kindle devices. Players go into battle with an immortal Sensei warrior leading the way, backed up by other units like Samurai, Ninjas, Monks and Dragons as they build up their villages and attempt to conquer those created by other players.

Sensei warriors can choose from several different fighting styles, and a co-op mode is available for those who would rather team up instead of going head-to-head.

“In developing ‘Sensei Wars,’ Cat Daddy Games worked hard to incorporate features we hadn’t seen before, as well as create an experience that resonates with a wide variety of mobile gamers to keep them coming back,” Cat Daddy Games co-studio head Harley Howe said in a release day statement. “From being able to explore the game from a 360-degree perspective, to defining the Sensei’s fighting style, ‘Sensei Wars’ adds a layer of depth and control combat-strategy fans can’t experience anywhere else.”