Youtube Gaming Community Clicks: October 2013

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Normally I don’t include streamers who overwhelmingly post their VOD’s onto Youtube, but UberGusMage might be the exception. To be fair, he does put up speed run tutorials on his Youtube channel, which I believe counter balances it all out.

I love Dark Souls. I like difficult games in general. Even more, I love speed runners who don’t use assist tools as their main source of speedrunning. That’s why I’m a fan of UberGusMage’s videos on Youtube. Not only does he constantly improve to beat world record times, but he does so in a plethora of different ways. Whether it is a Black Knight Halberd run, a Pyromancer run, Sorcerer run or otherwise, Uber shows the audience how different classes with different specs, weapons, armor and abilities attack speedrunning through a game.

This month, UberGusMage performs a world record speedrun of Rayman Legends.