Youtube Gaming Community Clicks: October 2013

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mw2losers (weregonnalose)

Trolls come in all shapes and sizes. The lower class comes in the form of attacks along the lines of, “u suk nub!!!1!!?!,” usually reserved for the likes of the Youtube comments section. The middle class exist in the realm of purposefully spreading misinformation and rumors without a source of proof of authority and have people believe it. To me, the upper class is the ones that have harmless fun while irritating others for comedic entertainment effect. weregonnalose is exactly that.

Well known for his Nascar and Modern Warfare series of videos (which were admittedly crueler than as of late), this Youtuber posts a video almost every week in which he comes up with yet another way to ruffle some feathers. Whether it is trying to drain buzzer-beater baskets from behind the half court line every time he touches the ball in NBA 2K13, crashing into other cars in Nascar for varying hilarious reasons or shooting teammates in Modern Warfare, weregonnalose not only acts like a comedic buffoon, but gets others to open up to their scum-like prejudices.

In this video, we see him goad ongoers into helping him break out of a GTA Online “glitch,” then blows them up with sticky bombs. To be fair, not every gamer he pranked was a saint.