Xbox One Still Doesn't Have Voice Commands In Three Launch Countries

When the Xbox One’s launch countries were reduced from an announced 21 down to just 13 total, it was quite disappointing for international fans. The speculation for the delay was centered around the notion that the packed-in Kinect required a lot more work in order to properly function with so many different languages and cadence in the spoken word worldwide. Based on a recent report from Game Informer, that theory could prove to be true, as voice commands for the Kinect do not function in Austria, Ireland and New Zealand.

Additionally, only five of thirteen launch countries have access to what Microsoft calls “premium/natural voice” and the “Xbox On” command, available only in the US, UK, Canada, France and Germany. There are no details provided as to when these left-out countries will have these issues addressed.

Think about that for a second; almost 25% of the countries that sell the Xbox One do not have voice commands functioning properly. With the Japanese launch coming in almost 4 months from now, along with 25 other markets shortly to follow, just what level of functionality can users expect their Xbox One to provide at launch?

Tripling the amount of countries that sell the Xbox One will only make getting it that much more difficult for Microsoft to support them all whenever they choose to go on sale in those markets. If a country doesn’t receive voice command support with the Xbox One’s Kinect when it first becomes available, their trust will be hindered. If Microsoft allocates specific countries to make voice commands work and abandons support in others for lengthy periods of time, it may alienate their markets. Microsoft hasn’t proven to use positive PR language when dealing with “Tier 2” countries in the past.

Hopefully Microsoft deals with their Kinect voice issues quickly, and in time for their upcoming Xbox One launches. With roughly 5 million units shipped against the PS4′s 7 million sold to consumers and the Wii U’s 5.86 million (as of December 2013), they need to make up ground in the console market share, and fast.


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  • Darren Hill

    They don’t have roughly 5 million units sold. That is just the number of units shipped to retailers.

    • Daniel G.

      Thanks for noticing, I had “shipped” in a previous draft. Updated now.

  • PattonFiend

    Hmmm… 4.4 million is NOT roughly 5 million. If you are going to quote LAST WEEKS NUMBERS FOR EVERYTHING ELSE, then you need to say the Wii U’s current numbers which are not 5 million but 6.1 million, not use 2013 statistics. Geez, man… Go to a community college or something and take a course…

    You are a biased fool who has no idea how to report accurately. I have said it a million times before and will say it a million times again. You f’ng suck at writing and reporting, guy…

    Thanks for not banning me and allowing me to criticize you…

    • Daniel G.

      …but the Xbox HAS shipped roughly 5 million consoles to retailers.
      “We’re also happy to share today that more than 5 million Xbox One consoles have been sold-in to retailers since our launch.” That’s an official Microsoft release.

      Microsoft has not disclosed how many units have been sold to consumers. 4 million is the safe floor on sold-through numbers with up to 4.4 million units sold to consumers as an estimate based on various reports. Not official numbers.

      Nintendo hasn’t released their quarterly sales report and won’t until May 7th. There are no official Wii U units sold count since December 31, 2013, meaning that they are up to date. Nintendo has not released any information relevant to Wii U sales since January, when we last reported them.

      The numbers that you are estimated are from VGChartz, a website that has been notoriously inaccurate for some years.

      Please inform yourself better before you say someone doesn’t report accurately. Have a great day!

  • Charles – The Great and Powerf

    LOL. That makes the XBox One dominating PS4! comparatively. Considering launch countries.