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The Xbox One Has Shipped Over 5 Million Units To Retailers


As a result of the recent NPD monthly video game sales report for the United States, Microsoft has announced through the Xbox Wire that the Xbox One has shipped over 5 million units to retailers worldwide. That number does not reflect just how many are in the hands of consumers, as opposed to how Sony announced the PS4 has sold over 7 million units worldwide that have gone directly to consumers.

While it seems disingenuous to announce a number of Xbox One units sold to retailers and not to consumers (seeing how they can’t know how many retailers haven’t been able to sell worldwide), it does explain some things. For example, certain Titanfall and Xbox One bundles have been on sale for some great deals lately, an indicator that could suggest that certain retailers need to get rid of their inventory. With E3 coming up in less than two months, the possibilities for price reductions, new SKU’s and new accessories are endless. It makes sense to get rid of what you can’t sell now before a sunk cost leads to deficits among retailers.

Regardless, 5 million Xbox One units sold to retailers is still a sizeable amount, especially over just 13 countries. With 26 new markets receiving the Xbox One starting this September, the gloves can really come off in the push for console market share. Until then, Sony and the PS4 take the early lead. Wii U is also ahead of the Xbox One at over 5.8 million units sold, but their progress has likely slowed down over the course of more than a year on the market.


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