WWE 2K24 Trophy Guide: How to Unlock All Achievements

Here's how to unlock all achievements from WWE 2K24 trophies.
Here's how to unlock all achievements from WWE 2K24 trophies. / Visual Concepts

Our full WWE 2K24 trophy guide outlines how to unlock all 63 achievements in the new release as you play MyRISE, MyFACTION, MyGM, and more.

WWE 2K24 features multiple game modes that offer unique experiences to players, like starting their own WWE career, running a brand as the General Manager, or creating an unstoppable faction of superstars from all ears. Each mode rewards players with plenty of in-game prizes, as well as trophies that track their progress. With 58 Bronze, 3 Silver, 1 Gold, and 1 Platinum trophies up for grabs, there are countless challenges and achievements to complete throughout WWE 2K24.

Here's every trophy you can earn and how to unlock each one in WWE 2K24.

WWE 2K24 Trophy Guide: How to Unlock All Achievements

Check out our full WWE 2K24 Trophy guide, including how to unlock all 63 achievements as you play WWE 2K24.

WWE 2K24 Trophy

How to Unlock

All Trophies Earned

Earn all trophies.

Where it All Begins...Again

Complete one objective in Showcase Mode.

Bigger. Better. Badder.

Win one match in Showcase Mode.

What the World is Watching

Complete all objectives in one match in Showcase Mode.

The Ragin' Climax

Crown "Champion of WrestleMania" in Showcase Mode.

All Grown Up

Win all matches in Showcase Mode.

The Ultimate Challenge

Complete all objectives in all matches in Showcase Mode.

Square Up

Complete a Rivalry Match using any Brawl category Rival Action (Universe Classic or Superstar Mode).

Trail Blazer

Choose and apply any option from the Manage Superstar menu (Universe Superstar Mode).

Cash-In Ringer

Win a championship through a Money in the Bank cash-in (Universe Classic or Superstar Mode).

On a Roll

Spend a total of 50 Momentum or more in a single rivalry (Universe Superstar Mode).

Get Lost

Force a Superstar to leave via a Loser Leaves Town Rivalry Outcome (Superstar Mode).


Throw any weapon (Play Mode vs. AI)

Red Light, Green Light

Stop an opponent via Freeze and follow up with a successful attack (Play Mode vs. AI).

Gold Medal Sprinter

Successfully run through a 30-Person Turmoil Gauntlet match on Legend difficulty (Play Mode vs. AI).

2,803 Days

As Bruno Sammartino, pin or submit Roman Reigns without using any Paybacks on Legend difficulty.

Down the Middle

Fairly officiate a Special Guest Referee match without being ejected (Play Mode vs. AI).

Not Another Montreal

As referee, call for the end of the match before a superstar taps out (Play Mode vs. AI).

Closed Casket

Defeat Undertaker in a Casket match on Legend difficulty (Play Mode vs. AI).

No Visiting Hours

Win an Ambulance Match without losing the match ending mini-game on Legend (Play Mode vs. AI).

Super, Indeed

Perform a successful Super Finisher and win the match (Play Mode vs. AI).

True Resilience

Win a Normal 1-on-1 match after kicking out of a Super Finisher on Legend (Play Mode vs. AI).

Flame Thrower

Win a Normal 1-on-1 match via pinfall after having thrown a successful Fireball (Play Mode vs AI).

Rise of the Megastar

As LA Knight, beat Finn Balor in a normal 1-on-1 match on Legend (Play Mode vs. AI).

Trades No Longer Accepted

Win the Trading Blows mini-game by hitting the Instant-Win target zone (Play Mode vs AI).

Where is that Referee?

As the Special Guest Referee, end the match via pinfall with a fast-count (Play Mode vs. AI).

Faction Wars Champion

Defeat 30 Faction Wars Bosses in MyFACTION.

Rise Through the Ranks

Earn a Leaderboard Reward from a Ranked Play Session in MyFACTION.

Loyalty Confirmed

Earn a Loyalty Reward in MyFACTION.

Taste of Victory

Win a match in MyFACTION.

A Promising Start

Complete a Lifetime Challenge in MyFACTION.

Journey of a Lifetime

Complete 15 Lifetime Challenges in MyFACTION.

A Good Start

Complete a Proving Grounds Tower in MyFACTION.

Weekly Winner

Complete a Weekly Tower in MyFACTION.

Daily Progress

Complete a Daily Challenge in MyFACTION.

Chapter and Verse

Complete a Proving Grounds Chapter in MyFACTION.

Champion for a Day

Complete all 3 of a day's Daily Challenges in MyFACTION.

Never Felt More A-LIVE

Complete 10 LIVE Events in MyFACTION.

Beginner's Luck

Complete All Intro Challenges in MyFACTION.

Universal Success

Undisputed: Win the WWE Universal Championship.

Team Extreme

Undisputed: Train with Lita.

Getting Dirty with Dom

Undisputed: Make a deal with Dominik.

The Gold Standard

Undisputed: Defeat Cody Rhodes.

Disputed No More

Undisputed: Complete Undisputed MyRISE story.

An Awesome Decision

Undisputed: Team up with The Miz.

A Trip to Orlando

Undisputed: Go to NXT.

Sign on the Dotted Line

Unleashed: Sign to WWE Raw.

The Gripe Bomb

Unleashed: Stand up for yourself in front of the WWE Universe.

Bad Times Don't last, Bad Guys Do

Unleashed: Defeat Rhea Ripley.

Manifest Destiny

Unleashed: Defeat The Manifestation.

The A-Lister

Unleashed: Get Cast in a Major Motion Picture.

A Real Psycho

Unleashed: Complete all 4 Psycho Sally Optional Storylines.

It's a Woman's World (Championship)

Unleashed: Win the WWE Women's World Championship.

The Beginning of the Future

Unleashed: Complete Unleashed MyRISE story.


Complete both "Undisputed" and "Unleashed" MyRISE stories.

Zero to Hero

MyGM: Level up a single talent to Level 25.

Logistic Liaison

MyGM: Boost a Tier 7 Crew, special effects, or advertisement logstic.

Immortal Combat

MyGM: Book a fatal 4 way title match, only using Immortal talent.

Trade Secrets

MyGM: Make 25 successful trades with CPU opponents.

Extreme Rules

MyGM: Enter the HoF in First Place, playing as ECW with Extreme AI and game difficulties.

It's AsSIGNed

Create a sign and assign it to a Superstar.

Under Construction

Create an arena and have a match in it.

Can't Call What You Can't See

Create and Assign a referee outfit in CAS.

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