How to Perform Super Finishers in WWE 2K24: Full List of Superstars

Here's how to perform Super Finishers in WWE 2K24.
Here's how to perform Super Finishers in WWE 2K24. / Visual Concepts

Certain superstars can perform Super Finishers in WWE 2K24 to all-but guarantee a match victory.

After the disappointing WWE 2K23, fans have eagerly awaited the release of WWE 2K24. With everything from new matches to fresh superstar ratings, WWE 2K24 seems like a promising addition to the WWE 2K franchise, especially with the new Super Finishers feature. Now, the biggest and best superstars in the game can go beyond just their typical Finisher and instead deliver an even more powerful move to steal a win.

Check out our complete guide on how to do the 46 available Super Finishers in WWE 2K24.

How to Perform Super Finishers in WWE 2K24

To perform Super Finishers in in WWE 2K24, you must wait until you have three Finishers stocked. Accumulating three Finishers requires a decent amount of fighting, so get ready to go on the offensive in the ring. Then, once you want to use your Super Finisher on your opponent, all you have to do is deliver the same button combination you would for a normal Finisher.

Here's the correct Super Finisher controls for each platform:

  • PlayStation: R2 + X
  • Xbox: RT + A
  • PC: Space + K

Your Super Finisher will almost always result in a successful pin since the new move is so powerful. You will no longer have to hit multiple Finishers on an opponent to secure your victory.

It is important to note that not every superstar on the roster has a Super Finisher.

Full List of Superstars and Super Finishers in WWE 2K24

Here's the full list of superstars and their Super Finishers in WWE 2K24.


Super Finisher

AJ Styles

Spiral Tap

Andre The Giant



Avalanche Powerbomb Two


Avalanche Bayley to Belly

Becky Lynch

Avalanche Manhandle Slam

Beth Phoenix

Pin-Up Strong

Bianca Belair

450 Splash

Braun Strowman

Avalanche Powerbomb Two

British Bulldog

Avalanche Powerbomb Two


Better End

Charlotte Flair

Middle Rope Natural Selection


Avalanche Pedigree

Cody Rhodes

Cross Rhodes Trinity

Damien Priest

Super Chokeslam Two


Super Chokeslam Two


Avalanche Powerbomb One
Elevated Boston Crab

Hulk Hogan

Middle Rope Leg Drop Two

Ilja Dragunov

Super H-Bomb One

Jerry "The King" Lawler

Apron Piledriver

Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart

Avalanche Powerslam Two

John Cena

Double Attitude Adjustment
Avalanche Attitude Adjustment

Julius Creed

450 Splash


Super Chokeslam

Kevin Owens

Package Piledriver
Apron Powerbomb


Avalanche Twist of Fate


Package Piledriver

Muhammad Ali

Grand Uppercut


Pin-Up Strong


450 Splash

Randy Orton

Avalanche RKO
Punt Kick One

Rey Mysterio


Rhea Ripley

Avalanche Riptide


630 Senton

Roman Reigns

Superman Punch
Spear Combo

Roxanne Perez

Middle Rope Code Red

Sami Zayn

Top Rope Brainbuster

Santos Escobar

Avalanche Phantom Driver

Seth Rollins

Springboard Stomp
Super Stomp


Irish Curse
Brogue Kick Combo

Shinsuke Nakamura

Kinshasa '72

Solo Sikoa

Samoan Spike Three

Triple H

Avalanche Pedigree

THe Undertaker

Leaping Tombstone Piledriver
Hell's Gate


Diving Moonsault Six


Avalanche X-Factor

Zelina Vega

Middle Rope Code Red