MLB The Show 24 Dates to Know: Ratings Reveal, Premieres, Early Access

San Diego Studios

MLB The Show 24 hype is building as fans prepare for not only the start of the 2024 MLB season, but also the next release in the popular video game franchise.

The first major announcement for this year's iteration was that Toronto Blue Jays first baseman Vladimir Guerrero Jr. would be this year's cover star following Jazz Chisholm Jr. of the Miami Marlins. The special editions have been revealed as well, detailing what bonuses players can get for this year plus the special Negro Leagues Edition as the premier version.

Fans are desperate to know what changes are coming to Road to the Show, Diamond Dynasty, and hopefully Franchise. Luckily, we now have a comprehensive calendar giving us dates to mark on our calendars ahead of release in March.

MLB The Show 24 Dates to Know: Ratings Reveal, Premieres, Early Access

Here are the dates to look out for as we head toward MLB The Show 24's release:

  • Feb. 15 - Unspecified Feature Premiere
  • Feb. 22 - Unspecified Feature Premiere
  • Mar. 7 - Ratings Reveal Show + Unspecified Feature Premiere
  • Mar. 13 - Developer Tournament
  • Mar. 14 - Unspecified Feature Premiere
  • Mar. 15 - Early Access Launch for Special Edition Owners
  • Mar. 19 - Worldwide Release of MLB The Show 24

Unfortunately, Sony's San Diego Studios did not specify which features would premiere on the listed dates. Though, many can expect that the features for each premiere include Road to the Show and Diamond Dynasty. The most anticipated date is for reveals is likely Thursday, Mar. 7 for the Ratings Reveal. Don't be surprised if SDS pair the Diamond Dynasty updates with the reveal as well. Players are eager to know if Sets are going to be improved, revamped or removed as a whole for this year's iteration. Sets were an extremely contentuous point of discussion last year, and many want changes in 24.

Though, as has been the discussion among the community for the past few years, hopefully one of these Feature Premiers includes information regarding Franchise.

Fans will be able to watch the premieres on YouTube and Twitch simultaneously.