How to Get Samoa Joe in WWE 2K24

Here's how to get Samoa Joe in WWE 2K24.
Here's how to get Samoa Joe in WWE 2K24. / @Iconic2k

Players looking to bring AEW superstars to the WWE ring can now get Samoa Joe in WWE 2K24.

The roster of wrestlers in WWE 2K24 features legends, current Raw and SmackDown superstars, and up and coming NXT talent. Fans can book dream matches, like Lita vs. Bianca Belair or Triple H vs, Cody Rhodes, as they explore the countless options in WWE 2K24. Although there seems to be all the superstars you could ever want in the game, there are a few former WWE wrestlers WWE 2K24 does not feature, like Samoa Joe, the current AEW World Champion. Fortunately, there is a way you can add Samoa Joe to your game.

Here's how to get Samoa Joe in WWE 2K24.

How to Get Samoa Joe in WWE 2K24

To get Samoa Joe in WWE 2K24, fans must download the AEW World Champion from Community Creations. Although Samoa Joe is a former WWE superstar, he is not officially included in the WWE 2K24 roster. Instead, popular WWE 2K community content creator, Iconic2k, created and uploaded Samoa Joe for players to download.

Follow these steps to get Samoa Joe in WWE 2K24:

  • Launch WWE 2K24.
  • Go to the main menu.
  • Hit the Online tab.
  • Select Community Creations.
  • Go to Downloads from the Community Creations menu.
  • Select Superstar.
  • Search tag ICONIC2K.
  • Select the Samoa Joe creation and hit Download.

After you download Samoa Joe, you can browse the other Community Creations available, including unique superstars, arenas, championships, and more.

How to Get Samoa Joe Entrance in WWE 2K24

To get the Samoa Joe entrance in WWE 2K24, select "Kaiju Killer" from the long list of preset entrances. Despite Samoa Joe no longer being a WWE superstar, his entrance is still an available option in the official game. You do not need to download a separate Community Creation to get Samoa Joe's entrance in WWE 2K24.

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