How to Get Free VC Fast in WWE 2K24

Here's how to get VC fast in WWE 2K24.
Here's how to get VC fast in WWE 2K24. / Visual Concepts

There is a surefire way to get free VC fast in WWE 2K24 that will save fans plenty of money.

WWE 2K24 features several in-game currencies that allow players to purchase and unlock superstars, arenas, championships, and more bonus rewards. Like NBA 2K24, WWE 2K24 includes VC, or virtual currency, that can be expensive to purchase separately. Fortunately, WWE 2K24 offers fans the chance to earn free VC in-game at a much faster rate than NBA 2K24.

Here's the fastest way to get VC in WWE 2K24 at no extra cost.

How to Get Free VC Fast in WWE 2K24

To get free VC fast in WWE 2K24, you must play both career arcs in MyRISE. Not only will your matches grant you VC, but you will also earn even more in-game currency by completing as many MyRISE milestones as possible.

Of course, you will also earn VC from regular matches, especially if you follow the prompted in-match conditions that offer extra VC. However, it is much quicker to earn your in-game currency through MyRISE.

All WWE 2K24 VC Prices

The fastest way of all to get VC in WWE 2K24 is simply to purchase it from the market. If there is a superstar or arena you want to unlock right away without grinding matches and modes for VC, then your best option is to buy VC.

Here's all the WWE 2K24 VC prices:

  • 15,000 VC: $4.99
  • 32,500 VC: $9.99
  • 67,500 VC: $19.99
  • 187,500 VC: $49.99
  • 400,000 VC: $99.99

Like NBA 2K24, if you want the best in the game, you will unfortunately have to spend some extra money to get enough VC to unlock everything you desire.

Are There WWE 2K24 Locker Codes for Free VC? Answered

No, there are no current Locker Codes that offer free VC for WWE 2K24. Currently, there is only one active Locker Code that players can redeem before Apr. 1, 2024, that provides the "Elite" John Cena. Check out the exclusive code and how to redeem it here.