College Football 25: Predictions about Ohio State Player Ratings

Ohio State running backs will run wild in College Football 25
College Football 25
College Football 25 / Jason Mowry/GettyImages

After a few months of waiting, we finally got news on College Football 25. Like everyone else, I was hyped up when the trailer dropped on Friday. While no exact gameplay was available, and it looked more cutscene-like, it still looked fantastic to have the famous traditions. 

I cannot wait for July 19th, or if you like me and already pre-ordered the deluxe edition, July 16th. With player ratings coming out the closer we get to launch day, I would like to add my predictions about some of the top players in the game. Since I am an Ohio State Buckeyes fan, I think I’d give my two cents and give what I believe to be Ohio State’s top players in the game.

Quishon Judkins and TreVeyon Henderson

I want to start with the most exciting position on this Buckeyes team this season: running back. Getting TreVeyon Henderson back for his senior year is great because he wants to show the world that he can be one of the best running backs in the NCAA, with 926 rushing yards last year. You have to hope he avoids more injury trouble. Henderson is a very shifty guy; he always goes for the homerun play, and when he finds green, he uses his speed to push toward the endzone. It’s incredible to watch him run.

While having Henderson back is excellent on its own, it’s now more impressive when you added the top RB of the portal in Quinshon Judkins to it. Judkins is a very explosive running back who ran for 1,158 yards last year and 15 touchdowns.  Judkins is very good at shaking off tacklers and finding holes in defenses. This duo could be one of the best 1-2 RB punches we’ve seen recently. But what do I give them ratings-wise?  

Well, considering Judkins has been the better RB between the two, and considering the yards, I think Judkins will get a 95 overall, and that’s an excellent rating for an RB, and as for TreVeyon, he’ll probably be down to a 91 overall, and that seems fair for a guy who’s still a solid running back who was hurt sometime last year and yet still had a solid season.

Emeka Egbuka

It’s been talked about that every time an elite Ohio State receiver leaves for the NFL, it won’t take long for another Ohio State receiver to take over. Now, it’s time for Emega Egbuka to take over that position. His senior year is coming, and he will probably be under the same pressure as Marvin Harrison Jr in his final season. Last year, Egbuka had 515 yards and four touchdowns.

Granted, most of that was due to all the attention and plays Marvin Harrison Jr. was trying to get, as well as the not-great play of Kyle McCord. With Will Howard as QB and Chip Kelly as the new OC, Egbuka will surely get more TDs than last year. Egbuka’s play is fantastic as he will find a way to push for those extra yards or find ways to get open for TDs.

Many guys on that Ohio State WR core this year will be looking for targets, including Carnell Tate and their true freshman, Jeremiah Smith. But what rating would Egbuka get in College Football 25? Well, considering he’s one of the best wide receivers in the nation in a big wide receiver room, I’d say he gets a 95 overall.  

Other quick College Football 25 Player Ratings

So, if I have to pick one Ohio State player who will have a monster year on defense, that will be JT Tuimoloau. While he didn’t have a solid year last year, he’s going to be the most interesting guy on our defense this year. If he can focus on pressuring the quarterback a lot more this season, he could be a top NFL draft pick. He’ll probably get a 91 on defense rating; that seems fair enough.

Will Howard does have a lot of pressure coming into the Ohio State QB room this year, but considering last year with McCord, he should play much better. He can make deep throws, be a solid running quarterback, and be regarded as a great option quarterback.

Howard will be the starter before guys like Air Noland and Julian Sayin come in next year; I can see him getting a 92 overall for College Football 25. There are some great players here, and I look forward to playing with them in College Football 25 in July.