Best Pitching View for MLB The Show 24

Sony San Diego Studios

Finding the best pitching view is imperative for MLB The Show 24 players looking to improve their skills, climb the Ranked Seasons ladder and more.

Pitching View is customizable in the settings and is best described as how players view the game when stepping onto the mound. There are a wide variety of options that include a realistic, broadcast presentation feel and those that are meant for competitive players. Determining which pitching view is best for you comes down to personal preference, but there is a specific view that will help you become a better player.

Here's the best pitching view we recommend for MLB The Show 24 and why.

Best Pitching View for MLB The Show 24

The pitching view we recommend for MLB The Show 24 is Strike Zone 2. Players who like to have a broadcast feel might be wondering why they compromise the overall presentation of the game for a similar view to when you're hitting, but that's where the competitive edge comes into play.

Strike Zone 2 is also the best hitting view we recommend. You can read more as to why we suggest Strike Zone 2 when at the plate, but it in turn is also the best option when it comes to pitching. Players know that Strike Zone 2 gives a great, balanced view of the plate which can improve multiple aspects of offense for players. Utilizing the same view for pitching will not only make you a better pitcher, but also a better hitter.

Players can get a better understanding of how pitches are being received, shaped, delivered and more when mirroring their hitting view. As well, it's nice to have a sense of continuity when innings comes to an end. If you're struggling to establish yourself at the plate, having Strike Zone 2 for pitching won't create a lag in gameplay where you're viewing the game through a completely different lens like Broadcast.