Best Hitting View for MLB The Show 24

Sony San Diego Studios

A new year of MLB The Show is here and players want to make sure they're improving their hitting to push for those Events, Battle Royale and Ranked Seasons rewards.

There are a multitude of customization options when it comes to hitting in MLB The Show 24. Players can change their hitting inputs, interfaces and most importantly, hitting view. The different hitting view options will give players different feels when stepping up to the plate. While settings are meant to be customizable to a player's preference, many want to have the best settings possible as determined by a large sample size from the community.

That being said, here's the best hitting view we recommend for MLB The Show 24.

Best Hitting View for MLB The Show 24

The best hitting view, and most popular at that among the community, is Strike Zone 2. Players will have an up-close view of the player at the plate. The hitting view is so popular because the combination of zoom, batter awareness and pitch recognition create an all-rounded approach.

Players are able to establish themselves at the plate, understand their PCI placement and strike zone to a degree most hitting views don't offer. The other popular view which is Strike Zone High, is similar but for some feels too on top of the batter when at the plate. Strike Zone 2 is the most well-rounded view for players wanting a bit of everything. Plus, players can gather an even better understanding when also setting their pitching view to Strike Zone 2. Players can get a sense of how their opponent is reacting to pitches, how pitches are being shaped from the same hitting position and more.

Again, this is preference at the end of the day and Strike Zone 2 doesn't necessarily give players the best broadcast/production feel if they want a realistic presentation. Though, if you're trying to be competitive and get better at the game, look no further than Strike Zone 2.