Blade & Soul Already Adding New Dungeons, Content


Blade & Soul just came out, but the new content is already pouring in, with even more to come soon.

Game launches are always packed with news and excitement, but Blade & Soul’s debut in the west seems particularly action-packed. Along with its announcement that over one million players had signed on in the west alone, NCSoft is ensuring that those players who stick around to max level will have plenty to do. Only one week in, and they’ve already added a new dungeon, along with other tidbits of content here and there.

At launch, most of Blade & Soul’s endgame lies in its PvP content–there’s really only one max level dungeon that PvE players have to grind over and over for the best gear…then nothing. Though there wasn’t much worry it would remain this way (versions of the game further east already boast much more), it’s still thrilling that Blade & Soul already includes Bloodshade Harbor, and its 24-man counterpart, Nightshade Harbor. Hae Mujin, Admiral of the Blackram (who you meet very early on in the Blade & Soul storyline) has secured their last base of operations, and it’s up to your group of 4, 6, or 24 players to infiltrate it and take him down once and for all.

Aside from the usual 4 and 6 player dungeon variants, the 24-man version is an interesting mesh of dungeon and what other MMO players would consider a raid. Boss attacks do less damage, but the bosses have more health. Players can join the group at any time, walk in, and start tearing things up (though the fights are easiest when the group works together). Nightshade Harbor is not accessible from the cross-server dungeon menu, so if you want a big group to tackle it, you’ll need to use the Dungeon Finder tool outside the instance to find others nearby, or groups in progress.

Along with the dungeon, of course, comes more and better loot, daily quests, and other activities to entice you inside. NCSoft has also added new items to the Hongmoon store for purchase with real money, and even more content is promised on February 10th, including a single-player dungeon and a higher level cap. With the constant additions, it’s unlikely anyone will grow bored with Blade & Soul even when hitting cap…though if you’re just playing for free, it may take you awhile to get there.

Check out the trailer for Blade & Soul’s upcoming content below, and the

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