My Nintendo And Miitomo Debut In March


Nintendo’s recent Investors Briefing focused on the new Nintendo account system, and upcoming mobile development.

Nintendo just wrapped up its third quarter results briefing for its investors. In these briefings, Nintendo typically goes over major financial changes in the last quarter across its various sources of revenue, and then concludes by talking about what is to come in the following quarter. This briefing (gently) discussed some revenue drops, but immediately picked things back up with exciting news about the new, unified account system, and mobile titles we’re likely to see from Nintendo in the coming months.

The new account system, titled My Nintendo, will launch globally (in 39 different countries) for Android and iOS this March. Its first goal will be to reach 100 million registrants. It will be an upgraded version of Nintendo Account, which has already been available in Japan for the past few months. Through My Nintendo, users can view recommended information such as software you might enjoy, information about upcoming titles, and possible discounts and sales. Users will receive special discounts in their birthday months, and even some just for registering. These can be applied to games on any of Nintendo’s current platforms: 3DS, mobile, and Wii U. Games can be purchased immediately through the service on one device, and will appear where relevant. So I could purchase a new 3DS title from my phone, and it would be available for download when I turned on my 3DS.

A new point system awards Platinum points for logging into the eShop, playing games, or viewing official Nintendo websites. Platinum points are spendable on digital items, including wallpapers for your computer or themes for the 3DS. Gold points are awarded when you purchase games or other content digitally from the eShop, and can be accumulated and used toward new games and content.

In addition, Miitomo will appear in Japan in the middle of March, with an expected launch in 16 different territories globally later that month. It will support eight languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, and Russian. Pre-registration for Miitomo will begin on February 17th. Miitomo will include features such as a Mii Photo, allowing you to capture and share images of your Mii, plus the already-known ability to share information, such as likes and dislikes, with your friends through your Miis and conversation with them.

Finally, Nintendo stated that while they are looking at VR, they have no plans to announce currently, and there’s still no official word on anything NX. We do have word via the Wall Street Journal that their 2nd major mobile title (after Miitomo, and not including Pokemon Go) will feature a well-known Nintendo IP. Dare we guess…Mario?

Onward, Nintendo! It’s going to be an interesting year for you.