No DLC Planned For Pokken Tournament…Sort Of


Pokken Tournament seems a likely candidate for continued support. But if it has no DLC, is that so bad?

More and more details are coming to light about Pokken Tournament, the arcade-style Pokemon fighting game coming to Wii U in March. Along with guarantees that the game will feature a significant increase in content from its arcade roots, Serebii has also offered word that no DLC is currently planned for the title. This may come as a surprise, since a fighting game from such a broad franchise just seems to lend itself to the idea. More characters, more moves, and more battle stages are easily dreamed-up by fans as possible DLC additions to such a game.

Let’s back up a bit, though. First off, the Wii U version is coming with far more content than what we see now in Dave & Buster’s. A single-player mode called the Ferrum League, complete with four ranks, offers a storyline and progression for unlocking new support Pokemon and battle areas. More powerful trainers exist in the Wii U version for you to defeat. Trainer customization for gender, hair, eyes, skin color and more is available, and outfits can be purchased with in-game currency. There are also Practice Modes where you can hone your fighting skills.

Furthermore, DLC for Pokken Tournament has already been announced, in the form of amiibo. A Shadow Mewtwo card will unlock its namesake in the game, and other amiibo may be tapped to gain items in-game. And it’s not beyond the realm of imagination that Pokemon amiibo might unlock even more rewards than just items. Oh yeah, and remember this moment from E3 2013? When Sakurai said no Smash Bros DLC? Plans definitely change.

All that said, even if there is no DLC, it arguably shouldn’t matter. As fun as the stream of Smash and Splatoon DLC has been over the last year, it might behoove Nintendo to focus on the future, rather than beefing up games on a platform that may be obsolete soon, if all the NX 2016 buzz has any merit. If Pokemon’s track record of producing good, full games is any indication, Pokken Tournament shouldn’t need DLC to shine. Or so we should hope.