Here we are on the cusp of Pokemon's 20th anniversary, and there's a lot to be..."/> Here we are on the cusp of Pokemon's 20th anniversary, and there's a lot to be..."/>

Top 50 Pokemon Games Of All Time

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Here we are on the cusp of Pokemon’s 20th anniversary, and there’s a lot to be excited about. Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon just came out; Pokken Tournament is soon to follow. Pokemon Go! has been promised in 2016, Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow are all being re-released on the eShop, and we’re all on the edges of our seats for whatever the next main series title will be (for surely there will be one next year). As we come ever closer to Pokemon’s big two-zero, it’s worth going back and looking at the 50 titles that got Pokemon to where it is now.

Yeah, I know, right? There really are fifty Pokemon games. More, actually, if you count each color set as separate games (this list pairs them together), plus some only released in Japan for a limited time (not included here), and the newest entries (to be listed here soon) Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon and Pokken Tournament. The best-known titles–the main series games–shine and carry on the legacy of the series from year to year. The ever-increasing pile of spin-offs is a mixed bag, full of total flops and real gems.

When ranking the Pokemon games, we looked at several factors: story and gameplay (as they were relevant), whether the game accomplished its goals (a two-hour minigame or an expansive RPG), reception at the time, replayability, and (in the case of sequels) if the game improved on its predecessors. For a single franchise, Pokemon’s tried on a lot of different hats–it’s delved into racing, strategy, puzzle, action, and plenty of different takes on the RPG format. Some hats fit perfectly. Others, while conceptually interesting, we maybe could have done without. But all share in Pokemon’s legacy and have served in their own way to further the series’ greatness.

Twenty years and 50+ games…here’s to twenty more years and fifty more! For now, here’s our ranking, from worst to very best:

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