Nintendo Account Debuts In Japan


About a month ago we first heard some specifics about Nintendo Account in an investors’ briefing. The service, intended to replace Club Nintendo, will serve as a link between Nintendo consoles and handhelds, plus their users’ PCs and mobile devices. As of a few days ago, Japan is the first to experience what the new system has to offer.

As promised, Nintendo Account can be accessed in many ways: from Nintendo consoles or handhelds, from a PC or mobile, and even through social media accounts such as Facebook. All these are linked under one account, which can be newly made or attached to an existing Nintendo Network ID. Games purchased through one device or method become available to the account, and downloadable on the appropriate device as long as it is signed in.

Nintendo wants fans to try Nintendo Account, and is offering 100 yen of credit with them for every 1000 yen spent on the eShop with a Nintendo Account until February 1st.

There are more features coming, including shared friends lists, interactivity with other accounts on multiple devices (such as through Miitomo, launching in March), and special notifications or gifts for specific games sent through the Nintendo Account service.

A full release and future Nintendo announcements will reveal if this is truly the idyllic account system Nintendo has needed for a long time, but the connectivity already looks promising. The rest of the world should expect Nintendo Account to come to them sometime in early 2016.

h/t: Polygon