Super Bowl 50: The Madden 16 Simulation

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3rd Quarter

The start of the second half saw something that the Broncos didn’t see in the first half of Super Bowl 50; a new first down. It came after four and seven-yard rushes by C.J. Anderson, which was followed up by 11 and three-yard passes by Manning to Emmanuel Sanders. Things were looking great for the Broncos before a play took a five-yard penalty, a dropped pass and an incomplete pass resulted in a punt deep into Panthers territory.

The Panthers wasted no time in capitalizing on this opportunity, with Stewart rushing five yards, followed by a breakthrough 88-yard rushing attempt through all the Broncos defenders for a long, loud touchdown. At this point, the Broncos had just over a third of the game left to score 27 points just to tie it up. A daunting task lay ahead of them.

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For what it’s worth, Manning did open up the response with an 18-yard pass to Thomas, followed by rushes by Manning and Anderson. It was a short pass intended for Thomas that fell incomplete that saw the Broncos punt just after reaching the Panthers’ half of the field for the first time in the game, with the Broncos just not able to get anything done.

The Panthers were happy to burn as much time off the clock as possible, with rushes by Artis-Payne and snap passes to Ginn Jr. to burn off as much time as possible. Eventually, the quarter ended as the Panthers made their way to the Broncos’ 39-yard-line.

End Of 3rd Quarter: Carolina Panthers 27 – Denver Broncos 0

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