There is a great horror beneath the manor. A..."/>
There is a great horror beneath the manor. A..."/>

Morning DLC: Video Game News & Rumors 1/19/2016


"There is a great horror beneath the manor. A crawling chaos that must be destroyed.The task ahead is terrible, and weakness cannot be tolerated. My obsession caused this great foulness. Now, like me, you are a part of this place.The Darkest Dungeon."

Red Hook Studios on Youtube

Darkest Dungeon, winner of a GameSided 2015 Gaming Odds & Ends award, is finally escaping the clutches of Steam’s Early Access program with a full release at 1 PM ET later today. I’ve been playing through the game in its final pre-release stages and will continue with a full review hopefully ready by early next week. If you’re a fan of tactical RPG’s infused with a dark, brooding, Cthulhu-style horror, complete with unique gameplay systems, I’d highly recommend checking it out.

"Localization is a tricky thing. Even when you take translation out of the equation, there’s still the matter of making sure the text and content makes sense in the region for which you’re writing.Earlier today, it was brought to our attention that one such localization was made for the German release of Pokkén Tournament. Various pieces of promotional material have revealed that the game will be dubbed Pokémon Tekken when it reaches the populous European nation."


The piece goes on to explain that the German word for smallpox, “pocken,” might be the culprit behind the name change for the region. Regardless, it means that German players can expect a different cover than their North American counterparts, in addition to the rest of Europe. Who knows if that’s where differences in localization end or not?

"Support for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita’s Facebook link feature, as well as PS Vita and PlaySTation TV’s Facebook application, will end on January 20 with the release of PlayStation 3 system software version 4.78 and PS Vita / PlayStation TV system software version 3.57, Sony announced."


I omitted three words from that story, which is a fairly apt summarization of both the news and the reaction to said news. The PS3 losing support for Facebook as it fades away from prominence makes sense, but for owners of a current platform, the PS Vita, it has to sting a bit. I mean, there’s no doubting that the platform is in a “legacy” stage, but developers are still creating content for the disappointing handheld device. Dropping Facebook is a sign that Sony doesn’t want to continue constant API support for the app, and are cutting their losses.