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Fun game awards for oddities and fun/prominent happenings throughout gaming in 2015.

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As much fun as it is to arbitrarily rank video games that came out in the last year and compare them to others while combining votes from multiple writers, that doesn’t get into the true heart and spirit of what makes a year in gaming. So many stories, events, ideas, and possibilities come out from the industry itself, representative of what games or gaming has focused on within a year. That’s why I’ve brought it upon myself to write up GameSided’s inaugural Gaming Odds & Ends Awards.

The goal is for readers to remember the specifics that gaming did well and poorly, year in and year out. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry; you might even get angry for a minute or two. There will be a jaunty gaming tune here or there, unsung heroes that may have been overlooked will get their moment to shine, and you could even learn something new. The point is to have as much fun remembering the gaming moments of 2015 as it was to experience them for the first time.

With that, let’s get on to the awards!

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