Yet Another Splatoon Map On Its Way Soon


Splatoon is nearing the end of its DLC, but not without throwing a surprise new map into the mix.

Judging by the last Nintendo Direct, many of us thought we’d only see two more maps in Splatoon (Museum d’Alfonsino and Mahi-Mahi Resort) before the updates stopped this January, but it turns out we were wrong. A Tweet from Nintendo of Europe has revealed that we should expect another one, Piranha Pit, tomorrow morning (for Europe), thus likely tonight or tomorrow for North America as well:

More images of Piranha Pit have been posted to NeoGAF, showcasing the stage’s shape and some of its hazards:

Piranha Pit is surrounded by water, and looks to have plenty of gaps full of it, too. Don’t fall in, because inklings can’t swim! There’s lots of levels and some interesting-looking vantage points for snipers, too, with narrow lanes perfect for rollers. Interestingly, the starting points are not as far apart on Piranha Pit as they are on other maps, leading one to wonder where the Splat Zones will be and how Tower Control and Rainmaker will work. Presumably, Tower Control will zig-zag around the map a bit, and Rainmaker will have blockades set up making it difficult to simply zip across (as on Kelp Dome).

Piranha Pit debuts tomorrow (12/29/2015) morning in Europe, and we’ll likely see it in North America in a day or two, too! Europeans can probably expect this map in the rotation for their upcoming SplatFest on New Year’s Day, asking if you’d rather be physically fit, or rich!